Who Is Dezy Delaceur?

Divine Feminine & Cosmic Creatrix

I am here to create. I yearn to make art, to be art, and to live and breathe art. The need to create is so deeply woven into my nature, and so I simply must do so – and with great passion.

Daughter of the Sacred Khthonic Triad

I am here to walk the Wild Path. I dance on Ancient Stones. I honor the Kosmos, nurture sweet Gaia, and commune with the In-Between, with Hekate, Persephone, and Haides as my Guides.

New Orleanian Enchantress

I am here to make magick. I act as both student and as mentor – learning as I go and sharing as I learn. I live in eternal curiosity for the universe and all that lies beyond it. Knowledge should be shared.

Hereditary Healer & Natural Intuitive

I am here to bring wisdom. To nurture and inspire runs far back in my blood, and so I carry on the legacy. I offer all that I can, but ultimately, my goal is to awaken the unique gifts within others.

Emissary of the Osmium Age

I am here to shed light. I carry on my heart a philosophy of utopia. It is in an idea that, in all of its impossible perfection, can and should be strived for without the end goal of being reached. It is hope incarnate.

My name is Dezy Delaceur – oracle, philosopher, creator, and muse. I am the mother of the path of Chthonic Wicca and the philosophy of the Osmium Age – both of which I am hard at work on informational pieces for.

In this incarnation, I am a local New Orleanian – perhaps the most enchanting place in the United States to be born and raised. I come from a family of deeply intuitive and spiritually gifted women, and I have been attuned to the realm of spirituality since birth. Try as I might to fight it in my adolescence, those gifts stayed with me all my life and resulted in me having my spiritual awakening at an equally young age. As for my specific path, I started down it over a decade ago, and it has lead me to many-an-interesting places.

My mission is one of love and connection, beauty and romanticism, deep curiosity for the many facets of the universe, and cultivating each and every individual’s inherent ability to build a life of well-deserved happiness, unending success, and overflowing abundance – but my work is dreamy, and I recognize that that is not everyone’s cup of tea. My work is certainly not for the perpetually black-pilled, the self-proclaimed nihilists, or those who are deeply set in their ways. For some, the goal is only to spread misery. Rather, I hope to attract people whose hearts and minds are wide open, who are interested in seeing the world once more through a child’s eyes, who want to live their lives with a brighter perspective and are willing to put in the time and effort to do so. Understand this: The work of this journey is not always easy, but it is fruitful.

If this intrigues you, dive on in. I welcome you with open arms.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

– Eden Phillpotts, A Shadow Passes (1918)