Aquacadabra!: Manifesting With Water

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How many glasses of water do you typically drink a day? Four? Eight? Even more than that? What if I told you that spending just a few extra moments a day on water preparation could change your life for the better? In today’s article, we’ll be discussing just that.

Water and the Power of Intention

Let us think about water in an alchemical sense for a moment. Water – the element. The fluid, the passive, the receptive, and – perhaps most importantly – the emotive. Water is tied, intimately, to emotional energy – the very emotional energy that is key to many a successful manifestation. That makes this beautiful element one of the most compatible mediums for supplementing your manifestation workings.

Many of you are also likely familiar with the work of Masaru Emoto and his experimentation involving the infusing of water molecules with intention. According to his research, when frozen, molecules presented with positively-charged intention resulted in intricate, aesthetically-pleasing crystal formations. The opposite was true of molecules presented with negatively-charged intention. And in 2005, Emoto’s book on the topic, The Hidden Messages in Water, found itself on the list of New York Times Best Sellers – the idea leaving many a layman filled with awe.

However, Emoto’s work has since received much criticism from the scientific community, claiming that not enough information was given for the experimentation to be replicated, among other things. With that, the notion was dismissed at large, and it is unlikely that you will see anything like this enter the mainstream science sphere ever again – but if we look outside this sphere, a slightly different picture is painted.

Perhaps the most notable study I can find – though I have yet to see any mention or discussion of it outside of various databases – is one which involves the use of Raman spectroscopy, pH levels, electrical conductance, and ultraviolet radiation of water as measurable variables to make for a more sound study. Over a period of four days, 286 trained biofield practitioners from varying countries meditated with an intention to alter the molecular vibrational state of water samples selected by a blinded operator. The study ultimately found that though the possibility of “coincidence” prevented them from being able to responsibly declare direct causality, some of the measurements, such as the magnetic field and radiation levels, were indeed responsive during the experiment. Food for thought, if nothing else.

Daily Manifestation With Water

And now, an experiment for you to try, darling: When you go to grab your first glass of water in the morning, meditate briefly on what a successful day looks and feels like for you, and push that emotional energy out of your hands and into that glass of water just before taking a sip. Afterwards, let it go, and go about your day as normal. Over time, and only once you’ve given it a fair chance, note any changes to your overall productivity, your mood, your outcomes – whatever it is that makes your day a good one. You may be pleasantly surprised.

If energy work is too difficult for you at this time, you may instead like to give affirmation work a try – similar to that which was used in Emoto’s experiments. Rather than nebulously feeling out your intention, you would speak it into the glass. For example, if your intention for the day is to finally finish a project you’ve been struggling with, statements such as, “I intend to finish my project today” or “I finish my project today” would be effective for this practice. If there’s anything I’ve learned from teaching manifestation techniques, it’s that different methods work differently for everyone. You may find that some methods work better for you than others, and it may take a bit of trial-and-error to find what truly offers the best results for you personally.

The intended outcome is the same in both cases: Enchant the water, and as that water is absorbed by your body and your blood and your cells, so too will your intention.

Now, I wanted to keep this as simple as possible for all those out there who are new to this concept, but there is another layer that may be added to this, should you choose to do so – and that is by implementing the teachings of Neville Goddard and the utilization of the “optimal” state of mind for manifestation. During our morning routine, it is thought that we are in the alpha state of mind – often thought of as the state of mind of being present – making this period of time within our day ideal for manifestation – but not optimal. Instead, I would posit that the very suggestible and hazy twilight state of theta – the state of mind we are in in dreams and in deep trance meditations, wherein we are extremely open and accepting of alterations to reality – is the best possible state to be in for successful manifestation. Without the use of lucid dreaming or regular practice of trance meditation, we can access this state very briefly when we first awaken in a post-dream daze or as we drift off into sleep and our mind’s eye is met with what are known as hypnagogic hallucinations. You may also notice that it is in this state that your emotions are at their highest intensity – and, likewise, your emotional energy.

It is for this reason I recommend – if you really want to see some impressive results – having your glass of water ready to go the night before partaking in this practice. In this method, you would enchant the water as instructed above, but you would do so first thing upon waking in order to operate within as much of the theta state as possible.

More Experiments In Water Magick

For those who have found themselves energetically fond of water, there are a few other experiments I can recommend. First is the quite popular two-cup method, a slightly modified version of the simple water enchantment discussed in this article. As the name suggests, in the two-cup method, you make use of two glasses – one empty and one containing your drinking water. On the glass holding your drinking water, place a sticky note that reads your situation in its present form, prior to a successful manifestation. On the empty glass, place a sticky note that reads your desired outcome, after a successful manifestation. The water would then be intentionally poured from one glass to the other, and a symbolic transmutation of energy takes place. You may then drink the water as normal.

Another potential experiment for you – and just as simple – is using saltwater as a sort of “Venus Flytrap” for negative energy. The idea is to set a cup of saltwater at an entrypoint, such as a door or window, to allow it to absorb any negative energies that may enter through this point. You may also choose to add a handful of dried herbs with a similar intention. This may be particularly useful in places such as corporate offices where negative energy from the discontentment of employees and the shady practices of employers all too often accumulates.

In a similar vein, you can try using the water from your showerhead to cleanse negative energy off of you by closing your eyes and visualizing the energy rolling off of you before funneling down the shower drain. As an empath, this practice is one that I use regularly myself.

Some Final Thoughts

Now, these aren’t the only methods of water manifestation out there. Ultimately, you should explore and experiment with anything that resonates to find which methods work best for you. Don’t let my suggestions be limitations on your practice or your path.

And one final note on manifestation in general: If at any point in your day, you find yourself ruminating on your manifestation goals in a way that seems negative or even just obsessive in a way that becomes counterproductive to feelings of confidence and success, take one deep breath, and immediately shift your focus elsewhere. Sing, dance, write, draw – do whatever it is you need to do to get your mind off of it. Don’t allow any of that conflicting emotional energy to seep into the manifestation and inhibit potential results. I know this is easier said than done, but it is very important that you at least try if you truly wish to achieve the change you desire.

Be mindful in your workings, darling. Many blessings to you in your endeavors.

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