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The Book of Correspondences: The Psephoi

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Glyph: Αα – Isopsephia: 1 – Theoi: Apollon – Keyword: Apanta/All

Greek Oracle: ῾Άπαντα πράξις εὐτυχῶς, δεὸς λέγει.
Translation: “All (Apanta) actions are lucky,” god (Apollon) says.
Oracle Meaning: You will be prosperous, abundant, and successful in all that you do/are doing.

Energy Keys: Success, accomplishment, prosperity, abundance, luck, amplification.

Glyph for the Letter Alpha

Glyph: Ββ – Isopsephia: 2 – Theoi: Tykhe – Keyword: Boethon/Helper

Greek Oracle: Βοηδὸν ἕξις μετὰ Τύχης τὸν Πύδεον.
Translation: You will have help (Boethon) with Tykhe and the Pythia (Apollon’s Pristess).
Oracle Meaning: Luck and the gods are on your side and at your aid, but much of the responsibility is yours.

Energy Keys: Luck, accomplishment, improvement, blessings, Cosmic Realm.

Glyph for the Letter Beta

Glyph: Γγ – Isopsephia: 3 – Theoi: Gaia – Keyword: Ge/Earth

Greek Oracle: Γῆ σοι τέλειον καρπὸν ἀποδώσει πόνων.
Translation: Gaia (Ge) brings you the perfect fruits for your toil.

Oracle Meaning: Gaia will bring forth the consequences, either good or bad, of your actions in abundance.

Energy Keys: Amplification, abundance, growth, manifestation, agriculture, grounding, Fae Realm.

Glyph for the Letter Gamma

Glyph: Δδ – Isopsephia: 4 – Theoi: Hermes – Keyword: Dynamis/Power

Greek Oracle: Δύναμις ἄκαιρος ἐν νόμοισιν ἀσδενής.
Translation: With power (Dynamis) comes the law.
Oracle Meaning: Knowing when, where, and why is crucial at this time. Be mindful of blind conformity.

Energy Keys: Focus, intelligence, clarity, connection, patience, travel, freedom.

Glyph for the Letter Delta

Glyph: Εε – Isopsephia: 5 – Theoi: Hera – Keyword: Eras/Desire

Greek Oracle: ᾿Ερᾷς δικαίων ἐγ γάμων ἰδεῖν σποράν.
Translation: You desire (Eras) righteous marriages be sewn.
Oracle Meaning: You are obsessed with the outcome of a situation involving multiple energies or people.

Energy Keys: Justice, marriage, connection, fertility, loyalty, focus.

Glyph for the Letter Epsilon

Glyph: Ζζ – Isopsephia: 7 – Theoi: Poseidon – Keyword: Zalen/Storm

Greek Oracle: Ζάλην μεγίστην φεῦλε, μή τι καὶ βλαβῇς.
Translation: Stay in the great storm (Zalen), and you will be unharmed.
Oracle Meaning: Do not fight the inevitable; simply let it pass with calm, level-headed dignity.

Energy Keys: Courage, security, confidence, growth, empowerment, amplification, chaos.

Glyph for the Letter Zeta

Glyph: Ηη – Isopsephia: 8 – Theoi: Helios – Keyword: Helios/Sun

Greek Oracle: ῾Ήλιος ὁρᾷ σε λαμπρός, ὃς τὰ πάντα ὁρᾷ.
Translation: Helios is bright, and he shines on everything.
Oracle Meaning: The truth of a situation will be revealed or a promise will be fulfilled.

Energy Keys: Honesty, clarity, loyalty, friendship, marriage, justice.

Glyph for the Letter Eta

Glyph: Θθ – Isopsephia: 9 – Theoi: Zeus – Keyword: Theous/Gods

Greek Oracle: Θεοὺς ἀρωγοὺς τῆς ὁδοῦ ταύτης ἔχεις.
Translation: The Gods (Theous) will be your Heroes.
Oracle Meaning: The gods approve of your current path, and you may proceed with confidence.

Energy Keys: Protection, motivation, passion, confidence, awakening, enlightenment, blockbusting, Cosmic Realm.

Glyph for the Letter Theta

Glyph: Ιι – Isopsephia: 10 – Theoi: Hephaistos – Keyword: Idrotes/Sweat

Greek Oracle: ῾Ιδρῶτές εἰσιν, πλὴν ἁπάντων περιέσῃ.
Translation: You will sweat (Idrotes), but you will also receive everything.
Oracle Meaning: If you work hard and give your best effort, only then will you find success.

Energy Keys: Patience, motivation, growth, improvement, courage, manifestation, business.

Glyph for the Letter Iota

Glyph: Κκ – Isopsephia: 20 – Theoi: Hestia – Keyword: Kymasi/Waves

Greek Oracle: Κύμασι μάχεσδαι χαλεπόν · ἀνάμεινον, φίλε.
Translation: It is difficult to fight the waves (Kymasi); endure, friend.
Oracle Meaning: You are or will be worn down, but you can find comfort in the familiar motions of life.

Energy Keys: Balance, inner peace, patience, restoration, reconciliation, home/hearth, family.

Glyph for the Letter Kappa

Glyph: Λλ –  Isopsephia: 30 – Theoi: Angelia – Keyword: Laios/Word

Greek Oracle: Λαιὸς διελδὼν πάντα σημαίνει χαλῶς.
ranslation: Spreading the word (Laios) always goes well.
Oracle Meaning: There is a message or insight that is necessary for you or someone in your life to know.

Energy Keys: Guidance, clarity, enlightenment, communication, Angelic Realm.

Glyph for the Letter Lambda

Glyph: Μμ – Isopsephia: 40 – Theoi: Ares – Keyword: Mokhthein/Toil

Greek Oracle: Μοχδεῖν ἀνάνκη · μεταβολὴ δ᾿ἔσται καλή.
Translation: You will be tired from toil (Mokhthein), but the change will be good.
Oracle Meaning: A distressing or difficult event will result in significant positive change.

Energy Keys: Rebirth, passion, courage, shadow self, blockbusting, reconciliation.

Glyph for the Letter Mi

Glyph: Νν – Isopsephia: 50 – Theoi: Athene – Keyword: Neikephoron/Victorious

Greek Oracle: Νεικηφόρον δώρημα τὸν χρησμὸν τελεῖ.
Translation: A victorious (Neikephoron) gift surrounds the oracles.
Oracle Meaning: The answers you are seeking will come as a gift, and accepting it will result in success.

Energy Keys: Clarity, guidance, knowledge, attraction, accomplishment, success, reconciliation.

Glyph for the Letter Ni

Glyph: Ξξ – Isopsephia: 60 – Theoi: Aphrodite – Keyword: Xeron/Dry

Greek Oracle: Ξηρῶν ἀπὸ κλάδων καρπὸν οὐκ ἔσται λαβεῖν.
Translation: There can be no fruit harvested from dry (Xeron) branches.

Oracle Meaning: Now is the time to rest or harvest; if nothing comes of it, it may be a fruitless endeavor.

Energy Keys: Endings, manifestation, courage, inner peace, self-love.

Glyph for the Letter Xi

Glyph: Οο – Isopsephia: 70 – Theoi: Demeter –  Keyword: Ouk/No

Greek Oracle: Οὐκ ἔστι μὴ σπείραντα δερίσαι κάρπιμα.
Translation: There can be no (Ouk) fruit that has not been sown.
Oracle Meaning: You will get proportional results to what you put out; plan accordingly.

Energy Keys: Beginnings, inspiration, creativity, growth, manifestation, skills, agriculture.

Glyph for the Letter Omicron

Glyph: Ππ – Isopsephia: 80 – Theoi: Artemis – Keyword: Pollous/Many

Greek Oracle: Πολλοὺς ἀγῶνας διανύσας λήψῃ στέφος.
Translation: You will take the crown after many (Pollous) holy trials.
Oracle Meaning: Give your best efforts during the current or coming trials and you will be triumph.

Energy Keys: Accomplishment, success, business, improvement, skills, fame, control, luck.

Glyph for the Letter Pi

Glyph: Ρρ – Isopsephia: 100 – Theoi: Kharites – Keyword: Raon/Easily

Greek Oracle: Ρᾷον διάξις ἔτι βραχὺν μείνας χρόνον.
Translation: You deserve to go on easily (Raon) if you wait a short time.
Oracle Meaning: Your current situation requires a brief pause. Be patient but not lethargic.

Energy Keys: Patience, peacefulness, inner peace, happiness, home/hearth, meditation, sleep.

Glyph for the Letter Rho

Glyph: Σσς – Isopsephia: 200 – Theoi: Hekate – Keyword: Saphos/Plainly

Greek Oracle: Σαφῶς ὁ Φοῖβος ἐννέπει · ῾μεῖνον, φίλε.᾿
Translation: Phoibos (Apollon) plainly (Saphos) says, “Stay, friend.”
Oracle Meaning: You should neither advance nor retreat, but firmly and actively stand your ground.

Energy Keys: Courage, protection, control, security, accomplishment, justice, business, grounding.

Glyph for the Letter Sigma

Glyph: Ττ – Isopsephia: 300 – Theoi: Selene – Keyword: Ton/From

Greek Oracle: Τῶν νῦν παρουσῶν συνφορῶν ἕξις λύσιν.
Translation: There is a solution from (Ton) the present circumstance.
Oracle Meaning: Your current circumstances, whether good or bad, are coming to an end.

Energy Keys: Endings, freedom, rebirth, banishment, childbirth, sleep.

Glyph for the Letter Taf

Glyph: Υυ – Isopsephia: 400 – Theoi: Mousai – Keyword: Heposkhesin/Commitment

Greek Oracle: ῾Υπόσχεσιν τὸ πρᾶγμα γενναίαν ἔχει.
Translation: The commitment (Heposkhesin) is noble.
Oracle Meaning: You will find success if you take on a pursuit of high strength, passion, and intellect.

Energy Keys: Inspiration, passion, motivation, courage, accomplishment, skills, intelligence, beginnings.

Glyph for the Letter Ypsilon

Glyph: Φφ – Isopsephia: 500 – Theoi: Dionysos – Keyword: Phaulos/Carelessly

Greek Oracle: Φαύλος τι πράξας μετὰ χρόνον μένψῃ δεοῖς.
Translation: You did something carelessly (Phaulos) which you later blamed the Gods for.
Oracle Meaning: You are blaming the gods for your own mistakes. Take responsibility.

Energy Keys: Chaos, freedom, shadow self, lust, clarity, reversal.

Glyph for the Letter Phi

Glyph: Χχ – Isopsephia: 600 – Theoi: Haides – Keyword: Khrisoun/Golden

Greek Oracle: Χρυσοῦν ποιήσεις χρησμὸν ἐπιτυχών, φίλε.
Translation: Your success fulfills this golden (Khrisoun) oracle, friend.
Oracle Meaning: You will be coming upon an ideal situation or upon ideal results.

Energy Keys: Success, business, fame, prosperity, money, attraction, empowerment.

Glyph for the Letter Khi

Glyph: Ψψ – Isopsephia: 700 – Theoi: Moirai – Keyword: Psephon/Righteous

Greek Oracle: Ψῆφον δικαἰαν τήνδε παρὰ δεῶν ἔχεις.
Translation: You have righteous judgment (Psephon) from the Gods.
Oracle Meaning: The gods agree that what is happening or is coming to you is righteous and appropriate.

Energy Keys: Justice, order, clarity, binding, reconciliation, awakening.

Glyph for the Letter Psi

Glyph: Ωω – Isopsephia: 800 – Theoi: Persephone –  Keyword: Omen/Unripe

Greek Oracle: Ωμὴν ὀπώραν ἢν λάβῃς, οὐ χρήσιμον.
Translation: If you receive unripe (Omen) fruit, it won’t be useful.
Oracle Meaning: Impatience results in poor results. This may be related to an uneasy childhood.

Energy Keys: Growth, improvement, patience, inner peace, peacefulness, inner child, family, healing.

Glyph for the Letter Omega