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Here you will find the magickal properties for the various herbs, trees, fruits, veggies, and fungi that I’ve used in my practice. Coming Soon: The Witchy Housewife’s Book of Correspondences and in-depth video essays for each plant.

This page is currently under construction – planetary correspondences and additional tidbits to come.

An important note: I do include a handful of baneful herbs here, as I find their energies to be mesmerizing and quite remarkable. I do not recommend handling these herbs at all without experience or great care to safety precautions. I’ve marked them to best of my ability, but please let me know if I’ve accidentally missed setting an asterisk next to any poisonous plant on this list. In general, please be mindful in the consumption, burning, or contact of/with any herb on this list. * – All or part of this plant can be poisonous. Use gloves, do not ingest or burn, and handle with care.

Agrimony (Air): Protection, endings, banishment, reversal, repulsion.

Allspice (Fire): Confidence, determination, empowerment, amplification, money, prosperity, luck, accomplishment, business.

Almond (Air): Wisdom, abundance, prosperity, money, fertility.

Aloe (Water): Healing, cleansing, beauty.

Amla (Water): Beauty, inner child, happiness.

Angelica (Fire): Protection, peacefulness, order, balance, dignity, courage, angelic realm.

Anise (Air): Psychic ability, divination, projection.

Apple (Water): Beauty, love, fertility, healing, restoration.

Apricot (Water): Love, fertility, lust.

Artichoke (Fire): Protection, growth.

Ash (Air): Focus, knowledge, intelligence, learning, skills, memory, communication, wisdom, enlightenment.

Asparagus (Fire): Sensuality, lust, growth.

Aspen (Air): Rebirth, protection, courage, afterlife realm.

Asphodel* (Water): Spirit work, afterlife realm, rebirth, self-love, inner peace, healing.

Avocado (Water): Fertility, childbirth, lust, love, beauty.

Bamboo (Water): Peacefulness, order, healing, cleansing.

Banana (Water): Luck, money, prosperity, fertility, lust, motivation.

Basil (Fire): Money, prosperity, fertility, lust, motivation.

Bat Head Root (Air): Protection, amplification, magick, divination, psychic ability.

Beetroot (Earth): Love, beauty, healing.

Bellpepper (Fire): Creativity, motivation, passion, skills.

Bergamot (Fire): Motivation, amplification, accomplishment, success, prosperity.

Birch (Air): Peacefulness, romance, beauty, protection.

Bittersweet Nightshade* (Air): Repulsion, endings, banishment, shadow self, projection, divination, psychic ability, spirit work, magick, afterlife realm.

Black Peppercorn (Fire): Protection, repulsion, confidence, growth, victory.

Blackberry (Water): Healing, protection, money.

Blackcurrant (Air): Abundance, prosperity, money, manifestation.

Black-eyed Pea (Earth): Luck, money, security.

Blackthorn (Earth): Manifestation, protection, repulsion, spirit work, afterlife realm.

Bluebell (Air): Honesty, kindness, communication, spirit work.

Blueberry (Water): Inner child, inner peace, peacefulness, kindness, order, healing, restoration.

Borage (Air): Psychic ability, divination, projection, courage, spirit work, magick.

Broccoli (Fire): Protection, healing, growth.

Brussel Sprout (Earth): Prosperity, money, luck.

Cabbage (Earth): Prosperity, abundance, money, luck.

Cacao (Earth): Awakening, self-love, inner child, shadow self, love, sensuality, romance.

Camphor (Air): Protection, repulsion, cleansing, divination, psychic ability.

Cardamom (Fire): Love, lust.

Carnation (Fire): Amplification, passion, happiness, motivation, self-love.

Carrot (Earth): Fertility, happiness, inner child.

Cashew (Fire): Business, money, prosperity, abundance.

Catnip (Water): Magick, beauty, psychic ability, divination, spirit work, projection, protection.

Cayenne (Fire): Protection, repulsion, growth, amplification, courage.

Cedar (Earth): Blessings, cleansing, healing, amplification, magick.

Celery (Fire): Lust, focus, motivation.

Chaga (Earth): Healing, restoration, rebirth.

Chamomile (Water): Inner peace, healing, peacefulness, sleep, home/hearth.

Chanterelle (Air): Inspiration, creativity, motivation, friendship, communication, happiness.

Cherry (Water): Love, divination.

Chestnut (Air): Focus, meditation, restoration, cleansing, improvement, abundance.

Cinnamon (Fire): Divination, psychic ability, projection, success, amplification, prosperity, motivation.

Clary Sage (Water): Meditation, inner peace, psychic ability, spirit work, manifestation.

Clove (Fire): Protection, banishment, money, luck, passion, motivation, fame.

Clover (Air): Luck, accomplishment, success, love, loyalty.

Coconut (Water): Protection, cleansing.

Coffee (Air): Grounding, focus, inner peace, blockbusting, happiness, wisdom, enlightenment, memory, learning, intelligence, knowledge.

Comfrey* (Water): Protection, healing, travel, home/hearth, divination.

Copal (Air): Meditation, focus, inspiration, creativity, wisdom, happiness.

Coriander (Fire): Love, healing.

Corn (Earth): Luck, abundance, money, divination.

Cranberry (Water): Healing, love, romance.

Cucumber (Water): Healing, cleansing.

Cumin (Fire): Repulsion, security.

Cypress (Earth): Spirit work, money, security, protection, afterlife realm.

Daffodil (Water): Self-love, beauty, fame, love, adoration, luck, improvement, motivation.

Daisy (Water): Inner child, restoration, friendship, happiness, creativity, romance.

Damiana (Fire): Love, lust, sensuality, romance, desire.

Dandelion (Air): Manifestation, inspiration, creativity, motivation, inner child, romance.

Deadly Nightshade* (Water): Magick, psychic ability, projection, divination, spirit work, shadow self, lust, afterlife realm.

Dill (Fire): Luck, money, love, romance, inner peace, focus.

Dragon’s Blood (Fire): Protection, love, cleansing.

Echinacea (Earth): Healing, restoration, peacefulness.

Eggplant (Earth): Abundance, prosperity, money, success, accomplishment, victory.

Elderberry (Water): Healing, cleansing, beauty, restoration, self-love, protection.

Elm (Water): Motivation, focus, psychic ability, projection, spirit work, fae realm.

Eucalyptus (Air): Healing, protection, cleansing, happiness.

Evening Primrose (Water): Beauty, fae realm, protection.

Eyebright (Air): Focus, clarity, psychic ability, divination, knowledge, honesty, guidance, enlightenment.

Fennel (Fire): Fertility, lust, security, romance, self-love, confidence.

Fenugreek (Air): Money, home/hearth, family, focus, growth, abundance, amplification.

Feverfew (Water): Healing, protection.

Fig (Fire): Passion, fertility, protection.

Fly Agaric* (Air): Fae realm, projection, psychic ability, inner child, romance.

Forget-Me-Not (Air): Fame, friendship, love, reconciliation, memory, past life, space/time.

Foxglove* (Air): Fae realm, magick.

Frankincense (Fire): Blessings, banishment, cleansing, protection, cosmic realm.

Gardenia (Water): Sensuality, romance.

Garlic (Fire): Protection, repulsion, healing, growth, spirit work, afterlife realm.

Ginger (Fire): Protection, healing, love, romance, prosperity, improvement.

Ginkgo (Water): Love, lust, romance, beauty, happiness.

Ginseng (Fire): Amplification, empowerment, confidence, improvement.

Grape (Water): Money, abundance, prosperity.

Hawthorn (Fire): Balance, marriage, peacefulness, unity, inner peace, happiness, fae realm, projection, magick.

Hazel (Air): Protection, wisdom, manifestation, luck, divination.

Heather (Water): Romance, fae realm, projection, protection.

Hemp (Air): Projection, astral realm, psychic ability, divination, wisdom, enlightenment, awakening, honesty.

Hibiscus (Water): Love, lust, passion, romance, motivation, freedom, beauty.

Holly* (Fire): Protection, security.

Honeydew (Water): Childbirth, inner child, family, romance, abundance,

Honeysuckle (Earth): Love, loyalty, friends, family, kindness, fae realm, projection.

Hyssop (Air): Blessings, cleansing, protection, rebirth, cosmic realm.

Iris (Water): Beginnings, improvement, accomplishment, fame, romance, self-love.

Ivy (Water): Love, protection.

Jasmine (Water): Self-love, romance, happiness, beauty.

Juniper* (Fire): Magick, psychic ability, protection, money, prosperity.

Kanna (Fire): Happiness, inner peace, inspiration, awakening.

Kava Kava (Earth): Inner peace, romance, luck, happiness.

Kidney Bean (Earth): Wisdom, grounding, fertility, protection, abundance.

Kratom (Earth): Focus, romance, happiness, inspiration, creativity, motivation.

Laurel (Fire): Manifestation, healing, protection, divination, travel.

Lavender (Air): Love, marriage, inner peace, peacefulness, dream realm, cleansing, romance.

Lemon (Water): Creativity, inspiration, motivation, friendship, cleansing.

Lemon Balm (Water): Friendship, family, cleansing, happiness.

Lemongrass (Air): Communication, inspiration, protection, cleansing, focus, clarity.

Licorice (Air): Control, influence, fame.

Lilac (Water): Romance, beauty, self-love, happiness.

Lily (Water): Protection, inspiration, inner peace, peacefulness, kindness.

Lily of the Valley* (Air): Protection, focus, clarity, peacefulness, cleansing, knowledge, magick, fae realm.

Lima Bean (Earth): Money, abundance.

Lime (Air): Cleansing, kindness, marriage, home/hearth.

Lion’s Mane (Air): Focus, clarity, creativity, productivity, motivation, skills.

Lotus (Water): Rebirth, cleansing, meditation, healing, peacefulness, awakening.

Magnolia (Water): Healing, self-love, restoration, inner child.

Mandrake* (Fire): Magick, amplification, psychic ability, demonic realm.

Maple (Air): Restoration, inner child, security, prosperity, improvement.

Marigold (Fire): Dream realm, afterlife realm, divination, spirit work, protection.

Marshmallow (Water): Peacefulness, order, spirit work, cleansing, protection.

Mint (Air): Money, prosperity, luck.

Monkshood* (Water): Invisibility, security, protection.

Morel (Earth): Healing, protection, fae realm, spirit work.

Moss (Earth): Spirit work, fae realm, justice, money, luck.

Motherwort (Water): Trust, family, home/hearth, healing, protection.

Mugwort (Earth): Psychic ability, dream realm, meditation, projection, divination.

Mullein (Fire): Spirit work, projection dream realm, psychic ability, protection, magick.

Myrrh (Water): Blessings, meditation, spirit work, wisdom, cosmic realm.

Myrtle (Water): Love, marriage, family, romance, home/heart, fertility, childbirth.

Nettle (Fire): Binding, courage, protection, banishment, endings, demonic realm.

Nutmeg (Air): Projection, meditation, dream realm, psychic ability, awakening, money, luck, travel.

Oak (Water): Security, restoration, protection, abundance, luck, money.

Oat (Earth): Peacefulness, security, happiness, family, healing, growth.

Olive (Fire): Peacefulness, kindness, protection, balance.

Onion (Fire): Repulsion, protection, healing.

Orange (Fire): Luck, amplification, empowerment, magick, motivation.

Oregano (Air): Romance, love, marriage, happiness, home/hearth, freedom, travel.

Palo Santo (Air): Cleansing, inner peace, meditation, awakening, blessing, inspiration.

Pansy (Water): Love, divination, magick.

Paprika (Fire): Amplification.

Parsley (Air): Inspiration, creativity, skills, cleansing, protection, luck.

Passionflower (Water): Galactic realm, awakening, psychic ability, peacefulness, inner peace, kindness, fame, friendship.

Patchouli (Earth): Love, money, prosperity.

Pea (Earth): Money, love.

Peach (Water): Love, fertility, childbirth, beauty.

Pear (Water): Love, lust, fertility, childbirth.

Pecan (Air): Business, communication.

Pine (Air): Security, luck, happiness, cleansing, protection, prosperity.

Pineapple (Fire): Motivation, luck, money.

Plum (Water): Protection, love, romance.

Pomegranate (Fire): Divination, spirit work, luck, love, past life, meditation, trance state.

Poplar (Air): Rebirth, hope, projection, spirit work, psychic ability, courage.

Poppy* (Water): Spirit work, dream realm, sleep, love, past life, meditation.

Potato (Earth): Healing, abundance, security, grounding, growth.

Pumpkin (Earth): Protection, abundance, prosperity, security, grounding, divination, magick.

Raspberry (Water): Love, protection, romance.

Redcurrant (Fire): Passion, inspiration, motivation.

Reishi (Earth): Healing, awakening, peacefulness, restoration, security, knowledge.

Rice (Air): Abundance, money, fertility, protection.

Rose (Water): Love, self-love, sensuality, beauty, romance.

Rosemary (Air): Cleansing, protection, focus, learning, memory.

Rose of Jericho (Fire): Rebirth, prosperity, abundance, money.

Rowan* (Fire): Psychic ability, divination, protection, improvement, shadow self.

Rue (Fire): Freedom, protection, endings.

Saffron (Fire): Beauty, romance, magick, psychic ability, divination, money.

Sage (Air): Cleansing, protection, clarity, wisdom, healing.

Sandalwood (Water): Blessings, protection, awakening, magick, meditation, cleansing, peacefulness, inner peace, cosmic realm.

Seaweed (Water): Healing, cleansing, protection, money, luck.

Skullcap (Water): Binding, marriage, love, loyalty, inner peace, peacefulness.

Soapberry (Fire): Cleansing, banishment, endings.

Spinach (Earth): Money, growth, healing, protection.

St. John’s Wort (Fire): Protection, inspiration, dream realm, psychic ability, divination, happiness, awakening.

Star Anise (Air): Luck, accomplishment, amplification, fame, improvement.

Strawberry (Water): Love, friendship, community, romance, family, beauty, inner child, happiness, motivation.

Sugar Cane (Water): Love, peacefulness, kindness, home/hearth.

Sun Opener (Fire): Awakening, dream realm, projection, psychic ability.

Sunflower (Fire): Happiness, confidence, inspiration, friendship, loyalty, manifestation, improvement.

Sweet Pea (Water): Self-love, romance, kindness.

Tea (Air): Meditation, wisdom, inner peace, inspiration, focus.

Thyme (Water): Beauty, self-love, happiness, healing, confidence.

Tomato (Water): Protection, love.

Truffle (Earth): Grounding, security, improvement.

Tulip (Earth): Beginnings, beauty, love, friendship, prosperity, fame.

Turmeric (Fire): Protection, cleansing, healing.

Valerian (Water): Dream realm, sleep, healing, protection, repulsion.

Vanilla (Water): Love, friendship, inner peace, happiness, motivation, passion, inner child.

Vervain (Earth): Amplification, luck, inspiration, protection, cleansing, inner child, restoration.

Vetiver (Earth): Inner peace, money, security.

Violet (Water): Inner peace, manifestation.

Walnut (Air): Manifestation, money, prosperity.

Watermelon (Water): Healing, blockbusting, peacefulness, kindness, happiness, abundance.

Wheat (Earth): Abundance, money, rebirth, home/hearth, family.

Willow (Water): Creativity, self-love, love, inspiration, healing, restoration.

Wisteria (Air): Protection, projection, psychic ability, wisdom, meditation.

Witch Hazel (Fire): Divination, healing, beauty, cleansing, protection.

Wormwood* (Fire): Psychic ability, spirit work, divination, projection, awakening, love, romance.

Yarrow (Water): Healing, protection, divination.

Ylang Ylang (Air): Happiness, inner peace, inspiration.

In-depth correspondence information coming soon!