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Here you will find the magickal properties for the various rocks, stones, crystals, and metals that I’ve used in my practice. Coming Soon: The Witchy Housewife’s Book of Correspondences and in-depth video essays for each mineral.

This page is currently under construction – planetary correspondences and additional tidbits to come.

For those who work with elixirs: Please be mindful that not all minerals do well in water.

Amazonite (Water): Luck, money, success.

Amber (Fire): Space/time, cleansing, clarity, afterlife realm.

Amethyst (Water): Healing, inner peace, order, psychic ability, awakening.

Ametrine (Air): Order, balance, projection, manifestation, astral realm, dream realm.

Angelite (Air): Inner peace, spirit work, divination, psychic ability, angelic realm.

Aquamarine (Water): Cleansing, peacefulness, travel, banishment.

Atlantisite (Earth): Healing, abundance, magick, wisdom, awakening.

Aventurine (Earth): Money, business, justice.

Azurite (Water): Psychic ability, intuition, projection, chaos, knowledge, space/time.

Bloodstone (Fire): Growth, healing, empowerment.

Calcite (Earth): Security, healing.

Carnelian (Fire): Creativity, improvement, motivation, skills.

Cat’s Eye (Earth): Knowledge, psychic ability, divination, projection.

Celestite (Air): Spirit work, projection, afterlife realm.

Charoite (Water): Magick, awakening, psychic ability, divination, projection.

Citrine (Air): Happiness, abundance, improvement, creativity.

Copper (Water): Connection, enchantment, love, sensuality, community.

Diamond (Fire): Money, influence, empowerment, passion.

Emerald (Earth): Security, protection, travel, love, money, business.

Fire Agate (Fire): Protection, amplification, sensuality.

Fluorite (Water): Divination, projection, motivation, amplification, blockbusting, meditation.

Galaxite (Air): Creativity, projection, knowledge, awakening, chaos.

Garnet (Fire): Manifestation, amplification, protection.

Gold (Fire): Money, abundance, prosperity, success, fame.

Hawk’s Eye (Air): Knowledge, psychic ability, divination, projection.

Hematite (Earth): Attraction, amplification, manifestation, grounding, justice.

Howlite (Air): Memory, focus, learning, skills, inner peace.

Iolite (Water): Magick, psychic ability, divination, projection, astral realm.

Iron (Earth): Protection, repulsion, growth, courage.

Jade (Earth): Luck, guidance, abundance, improvement, cleansing.

Jasper (Fire): Protection, growth, passion, motivation.

Kunzite (Water): Peacefulness, kindness, cleansing, communication, inner peace, friendship, community.

Labradorite (Water): Protection, psychic ability, spirit work, divination, projection, meditation.

Lapis Lazuli (Water): Wisdom, psychic ability, divination.

Larimar (Water): Peacefulness, healing, inner peace, order, creativity.

Lodestone (Earth): Attraction, manifestation.

Malachite (Earth): Luck, money, abundance, prosperity, business.

Moldavite (Fire): Awakening, galactic realm.

Moonstone (Water): Magick, psychic ability, divination, dream realm, healing.

Morganite (Water): Improvement, blockbusting.

Moss Agate (Earth): Agriculture, grounding, abundance, order.

Obsidian (Fire): Protection, cleansing, grounding, balance, binding.

Onyx (Fire): Protection, courage, binding, endings.

Opal (Air): Magick, manifestation, focus.

Pearl (Water): Love, fertility, inner peace.

Peridot (Earth): Growth, restoration, healing, amplification, abundance.

Pyrite (Fire): Money, abundance, prosperity, amplification, honesty.

Quartz (Air): Amplification, enchantment, cleansing.

Rhodochrosite (Fire): Love, friendship, community, reconciliation, restoration, peacefulness, kindness, security.

Rose Quartz (Water): Romance, love, self-love, beauty, healing, inner peace, peacefulness, kindness.

Ruby (Fire): Psychic ability, awakening, passion, motivation, love, sensuality.

Salt (Earth): Protection, cleansing.

Sapphire (Water): Wisdom, enlightenment, psychic ability, projection, dream realm, courage.

Selenite (Water): Cleansing.

Serpentine (Fire): Protection, amplification, motivation.

Shungite (Earth): Protection, cleansing, grounding, shadow self.

Silver (Water): Balance, psychic ability, divination, dream realm.

Sodalite (Air): Focus, meditation, learning, intuition.

Sugilite (Earth): Banishment, ending, freedom, inner child, shadow self.

Sunstone (Fire): Passion, accomplishment, success, victory, protection, growth, courage, confidence.

Tektite (Fire): Awakening, galactic realm.

Tiger’s Eye (Fire): Courage, amplification, growth, abundance, confidence, self-love.

Tin (Air): Abundance, prosperity, business, justice, accomplishment, victory.

Topaz (Fire): Amplification, luck, money, creativity, motivation, skills.

Tourmaline (Earth): Cleansing, inner peace, endings, confidence.

Turquoise (Water): Awakening, wisdom, honesty, meditation, psychic ability, divination, communication.

Zoisite (Earth): Restoration, grounding.

In-depth correspondence information coming soon!