Reality & Spiritual Warfare: A Deep Dive

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I’ve mentioned here and there about intuitive feelings about a sort of spiritual warfare occurring over the past decade, and recently, I felt called to do a bigger divination session to attempt to answer some of my more specific questions regarding this feeling. Initially, I was going to reserve this post for my Monthly Blessings Patreon, where I keep a lot of my intuitive explorations, but something pulled me to share it here, as well.

Everything written below comes from a combination of card and pendulum reading, channeling, intuition, and intuitive explorations I’ve done in the past. Take it with a grain of salt, of course, and let be what doesn’t resonate. It may only be scratching the surface, but I do hope it can offer some insight to those seeking some of the same answers that I’ve been seeking myself.

The Spiritual War

To open with a perceivable timeline: The effects of the spiritual war on the physical plane began manifesting in roughly 2010-2012, though this does not mark the “start” of the spiritual war, whatever that may mean outside the perspective of linear time. Things escalated once more around 2015 into 2016 and then once again in 2019 into 2020. This timeline aligns very well with my personal experiences and the experiences of many others that I’ve seen during the span of the past decade-and-a-half. Uneasiness, energetic shifts, feelings of general weirdness and of something being “off” quite suddenly. I even recall writing a post somewhere in the summer of 2019 talking about this very thing. As above, so below, I suppose.

Delving deeper into the who, what, and why, I got that there are two unofficial “sides” to this war, and it seems that it’s not quite as simple as “light versus dark” or “higher versus lower” as some might think. On one side, you have many of the Divines, certainly, as well as many of what we might categorize as the Fae and many Gaian-born Human spirits like most of us, but I also get that you might find some on this side of the war to be entities and energies you might not expect to find there. For simplicity’s sake, we can call this Side A, the side in favor of Humanity. Those on this side share values of manifested potential as order and justice against corruption and they also share the belief that the Human experience is one of the keys to the growth and forward progression of existence. Their goal is to protect and preserve existence as we know it and only to continue our expansion once our safety has been secured.

On the other side, you have an equally mixed bag of entities and energies, including a number of Gaian-born Humans, as well. I feel, intuitively, that many of these Humans got involved through direct petition to those leading the charge, others may have simply been misled, and others still may genuinely feel that they are doing what is best for existence. Again, for simplicity’s sake, we can call this side B, the side in disfavor of Humanity. Those on this side share a desire to alter current cosmic operations in favor of a more “natural” hierarchy. They seem to view Humanity on the whole as both a form of entertainment and a sort of energetic cattle with emotional energy being our strongest agricultural asset and functioning as a sort of strengthener in ability or conduit between realms.

Inquiring about the early stages of the war, it seems that tensions had been brewing for some time. There was a very brief window of perceived stability, and while Side A attempted to use this window for dialogue, meditation, and reflection, Side B struck like a viper, attempting to overthrow certain councils that were already in place. The back-and-forth of power has only grown in volatility since then. At this time, I’ve gotten that Side A is quite heavily burdened but is working quite hard, nonetheless. While there is some self-doubt within the ranks at this time, there are no plans to give up or give in anytime soon. The pendulum will swing back once more eventually, and on our part, it is currently best to rest and recover in tune with the energies of winter.

Once we move into spring and find ourselves refreshed and motivated, I myself plan on putting together a ritual to offer a bit of my energy to the good fight. It will work on two levels, the spiritual and the physical, to bring about any peace, justice, and reconnection that I am able. For those interested in doing something similar, I have posted the instructions publicly on Patreon. Know that it is not required, but even the smallest amount of positive energies can always be helpful.

The Cycles of Gaia

There has been a lot of talk recently about the natural geological and sociological cycles, and I’ve had to wonder if those are a product of the ebbing and flowing of tensions like discussed above or if, perhaps, they are simply intended to provide a fresh slate for Humanity to operate on. My session, however, focused simply on the validity of them, and in my session, I found there to be merit in some of those theories or, at least, certain aspects of them. To be clear, I don’t feel that acknowledging the possibility of natural cycles discredits any sort of other contributing factors to the changes in our world given the many byproducts of modern technological and chemical pollution. These ideas can coexist.

According to my reading, there may be validity in a smaller natural cycle of approximately 3,000 years with much larger cycles that play off of that timeframe. 6,000, 9,000, 12,000, and 24,000, in particular, are some other numbers I got during this part of the reading. The changes that come with this will be jarring but not necessarily “apocalyptic”, as many of us will come out the other end of this unharmed. Take that for what you will, of course, but in the worst case, this information can help us to be prepared for what may be to come. In the best case, things simply remain the same.

I did ask if things have always been this way, which I didn’t seem to get a clear answer on, but it lead me to a bit of a dive into the history of this planet and the nature of this existence. The Divine may have, at one point, walked among us on Gaia, and after much disappointment from Humanity, a distance began to form. The more mistakes that were made, the more the gods pulled back, and the final separation occurred either just prior to or during the beginnings of what may have been the society of Atlantis. I feel that, if not something that was already in play, the cycles came into play thereafter. Regardless, I gather that there was much heartbreak in this decision to pull away and that certain, what we would consider “minor”, deities may have chosen to incarnate, observe, and aid Humanity from the inside.

And that being said, I would also like to note that my reading emphasized that most Humans truly are Human – Gaian-born, beings from and of the Earth, much like the Fauna and the Fae. This is mere categorization based on origin, and it does not make us any better or worse than any other kind of entity out there. This just means that for the vast majority of us, this planet truly is home on a soul level, and it’s a beautiful thing that should be respected and cared for.

The Nature of Reality

One of the theories of existence that has been frequently discussed in recent years has been that of the Matrix theory, the idea that we are living in a sort of simulation – and this may, tangentially, be the case in that it provides us with a very digestible allegory compatible with Human understanding. Per my reading, the potentially endless realms of our existence function as these sort of overlays, and our awareness is capable of moving between them, similarly to that way you would switch between windows on a computer while multitasking. In a physical existence, such as the one we’re in right now, the awareness is much more anchored and grounded, and the experience is honed. There are things we are capable of experiencing in a physical existence that we may not be able to thoroughly experience outside of one – and such is the purpose, perhaps, of the creation of a physical existence in the first place. In this existence, I got that Humanity, the Fae, and the Flora and Fauna were meant to lead the charge, bringing new life, new beauty, and new inspiration throughout the physical plane.

Additionally, being that we are beings from the very same cosmic pool of creation as the Divines, we are not necessarily as limited as we think we are. As is evident through matters of magick and manifestation, through astral travel, and through the many other strange and unusual happenings here on Earth, we, too, have the ability to cosmically create, to travel across realms, to express ourselves across various incarnations, and so on and so forth. Due to this, my reading suggested that the thoughts we produce and the thoughts we absorb from others may be leaving an even bigger cosmic imprint than we are aware of. This is a topic for another time, worthy of a much deeper dive, but for now the takeaway from this is that it would be wise to start being more mindful of both what we consume and create in our day-to-day life.

Which brings me to my next exploration: Autonomy and free will, a question of which I got a resounding yes on, though, we are all indeed connected by this sort of cosmic bloodline. There is no need to “return” to Source, because we are all our own beings. This does not, however, account for various other blockages and obstacles that prevent us from fully realizing ourselves (some of which I discuss in this article on the energy body). This also does not prevent us from being misled by ill-intentioned entities of Side B of the war who would seek to subdue us.

But returning to the idea of autonomy, I got that our soul – our core being, our raw consciousness, or what we may call our Higher Self – is ever-present on “higher” planes while impressing upon our physical incarnation like, as I mentioned earlier, an overlay. Interestingly, knowing this, when I tried asking if anything can truly “die” or be “destroyed”, I got no certain answer. I take this as either I am not permitted to know the answer to that question at this time or perhaps the Divines have truly not yet discovered a way to destroy things that have been created given the intricacies of existence. Intuitively, I lean more towards the latter, because everything I’ve uncovered in this reading so far only implies creation or transmutation, but perhaps this is simply wishful thinking on my part.

Which brought me to the topic of physical death, where I will wrap up this section. The impression I got of death in this reading aligns with a lot of the common threads among various cultural mythos. The process was described in my reading as follows: A weighing of life choices is made, discussions are had based upon these observations, a sort of crossing of the soul happens between realms, and a choice is made to release the baggage of our “prior” incarnation and move into the next one, to rest within the afterlife realms, or to pursue a new role altogether within the Cosmos.

The Years Ahead

As we deal with the manifestations and ramifications of the war and the cycles, I thought it might be a good idea to get a general idea of what we can expect to see over the next couple of years, starting with this one – 2023, at the time of writing this. Throughout this year, per my reading, we may find some much-needed cracks of optimism peaking out of all the chaos. We may also see some interesting things happening in the sky, particularly involving the sun, our immediate solar system, and weather and climate phenomena. Over the next three years, from now to 2026, we may find ourselves bombarded with a sense of false hope that things will finally be returning to what we regard as normal, only to find ourselves disappointed. Moving toward 2028, I suspect things will start changing in a big way. We may see a massive rethinking of life as we know it, and people have the potential to become more divided as we decide where we want our headspace to be. Finally, on the path toward 2033, society as it is currently structured may come to an end, but it is worth pointing out that this perceived destruction will make room for society to be reborn anew. For now, this is as far as I’ve gone in this reading.

During this ten year window, and as the reflective effects of the spiritual war intensifies, we may see an ebb and flow in spiritual abilities that ultimately leads to a sort of “weakening” of the veil and a strengthening of our spiritual awareness and our abilities to transmute and manifest. Use it to your advantage but be sure not to become so absent from your physical incarnation that your quality of life takes a hit. Awareness and balance are key. In this time, hierophant-like mentor figures will be of great support to your path, but it would be wise to keep your wits about you and to keep a healthy skepticism about anyone who would claim that you are incapable of getting to the point to be able to guide yourself.

Further, the reading suggests that we practice discernment but cultivate an open mind, make room for fresh perspectives, attune yourself to truth and justice, release any victim mentalities you may be holding onto, and focus wholly on establishing a sense of community both locally and on a global scale. It may also be a good idea to begin investing time now into obtaining knowledge and cultivating skills of survival and comfort: Homesteading, preservation, foraging, and so on, particularly at a local level, becoming familiar with and utilizing the flora and fauna around you. Heed this advice, and all will be fine. Again, in the best case, nothing changes and you have a whole slew of knowledge and skill to apply in your life.

Comparing Notes

Every bit of information I gathered from this reading matches up quite well with many of the things I’ve been reading about and seeing happen in the world lately. Of course, once again, take it with a grain of salt, as this is all simply speculation, and I am not the end-all be-all of the spiritual experience. No one is, truthfully. We are all here learning together – and to that end, I’d be interested in hearing about any readings or research that you all have done. Feel free to share your thoughts and stories via the contact section of my website or, if you’re reading this on Patreon, in the comment section below. Until my next article – which will be a continuation of the works for my Digital Grimoire – be safe, be wise, and be blessed, darlings.

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