The Definitive Spiritual Awakening To-Do List

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And so the world has fallen into an unprecedented silence – and yet, our minds maunder on, louder than ever. Whether by coincidence or by design (a conversation for another time), a spiritual shift and resulting mass awakening seems to be occurring right now for many, many people out there – and this can be a jolting experience. It’s not all rose water and tea cups. It can be extraordinarily confusing, even irritatingly so, as parts of ourselves we did not even know were previously “empty” are now overflowing with a sort of big picture awareness – and the majority of people going into this are not quite as ready as they would like to believe. My hope for today, darling, is to provide some clarity and guidance to aid you on your journey and to keep you steady and stable on your path of awakening.

Why Is This Happening?

Energetic shifts such as these are normal – cyclical, even. This one in particular, however, seems to be on an entirely new level, and certainly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Perhaps it is an exacerbation caused by the heat of the current goings-on of spiritual and psychological warfare. Perhaps it is simply in line with the more dramatic cycles of nature. Perhaps it is a bit of both. Whatever your beliefs may be about the situation we’ve found ourselves in, there’s no denying these things aren’t helping. Tensions, both within and without, have been on the rise for the last half a decade or so – and within this massive war, smaller wars have materialized. We’ve declared war against others, war against nature, and, most assuredly, war against ourselves. So here we are now at the precipice of it all.

Interestingly, I think this is the very shift that the energy-sensitive among us had been getting intuitive blips about during the latter half of 2019. These feelings could only be described as “weird” and “tense” by those who wrote about them – myself included. Feeling like it was linked to the increasingly robotic nature of the social sphere, I recommended at the time that people begin trying to reconnect with their inner child – that absolutely divine sliver of self that is responsible for fanning the flame of our very soul. I still recommend this, but the hard truth now is that there is much more to be done than we could have ever imagined.

How Do You Know You’ve Felt It?

Oh, you’ll know. Just because this is a mass awakening doesn’t mean that it includes absolutely everyone, and perhaps that first sign is that of an unsettling sort of loneliness. There will be those in your circle of awareness who have built an unfortunately sturdy wall around themselves out of the material day-to-day and the distractions spoon-fed to them by the constant barrage of media manipulation. There will also be those floating around in the purgatory of half-awake, much too afraid to face what a rewiring of their understanding of reality might mean. When our perceptions shift in such a way, we begin to see people we once held in high regard in an entirely new light. Tip-toeing around these sorts of people is not exactly preferable.

But what else? Well, ironically, amidst all this loneliness, you’ll also feel a heightened sense of meaning and connection. A set of “true” priorities will become clear to you. You’ll have an intense inclination to discard and distance yourself from things that no longer serve you but a burning desire to attract and mingle with people and experiences that are in alignment with this “new” you. You’ll probably also be asking a lot more questions. Important ones.

Of the more uncomfortable signs will be that big picture awareness I mentioned briefly. Your eyes will be open to the negativity, toxicity, and otherwise general unpleasantness present in your life, yourself, and the world around you. All those skeletons you tried to bury will tumble out of your overflowing closet. You will become sensitive in some ways and sturdier in others. The growing state of human disconnection will bring you at least one heavy sigh a day. And on top of it all, you’ll be forced to make peace with the fact that you know nothing about anything.

These things cannot and will not be ignored. Instead, they demand to be greeted with respect and taken in stride. This is the point at which I hope my advice can be of aid.

Awake and Overwhelmed – What Now?

If this is your very first taste of the journey that is a spiritual awakening, you may find the following suggestions to be extremely beneficial starting points. If, on the other hand, you’ve already been on this journey for some time, they may instead serve as refreshment and reassurance. Either way, I believe them to be beneficial simply from my own experiences, and as they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I tend to believe these days that we come across certain information in life exactly when we are supposed to.

☑ Find your spiritual path. I cannot stress this enough. In the spiritual community, gatekeeping and guru-signalling are equally rampant, and they often go hand-in-hand. There are many out there who would deem themselves the be-all-end-all of spirituality, but I truly believe that the path you walk is a deeply personal one. Some teachings won’t be suited to your particular path at this time – yes, perhaps even mine. Use your intuition. Engage your curiosity. Follow the sparks the moment you begin to feel them. If something resonates with you, explore it. You may discover answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

☑ Find your spiritual tribe. Like I said, the first few steps on the journey of spiritual awakening are quite the lonely ones. It may be difficult at first to “put yourself out there”, but having a group of like-minded friends to explore the universe with really makes the whole experience a lot less intimidating than it initially seems. And hey, you’ve already got one like-minded friend in me. You can always refer back here for new guidance, teachings, and suggestions.

☑ Create a daily energy practice. If you haven’t done this already, now is better than never to begin honing your ability to perceive and work with energies. Your perception can be improved easily through a regular meditative or yogic practice, but to expand outside of the realm of the observer may require a more trial-and-error approach. One of my favorite YouTubers, Lady Gravedancer, has an excellent video depicting one technique for going about this.

☑ Cleanse and ward regularly. I recommend making it a habit to perform a thorough cleansing and warding of the self and home at least once a month. This will prevent the stagnation or “clogging” of negative and unwanted energies creating blockages within the home, and the regular upkeep of your wards will ensure that your home stays “fresher” between cleanses.

☑ Refine your mindset. I preach this at any point in life’s journey, but during a spiritual awakening, it is particularly important to work on cultivating self-love and engaging the inner child. Without a stable foundation of self-love, we risk falling into an endless abyss of blame – and without a healthy inner child, we risk teeter-tottering back into roboticism. Romanticize life to the nth degree. Find magic, love, happiness, and beauty in all things – including yourself.

☑ Take energetic inventory. Sit down with a pen and paper and give your lifestyle a brutally honest review. People, places, things, and especially habits are all fair game here. Are they draining or invigorating? Are they propelling you forward or chaining you down? You may find yourself realizing that it’s time for some much-needed change in your life.

☑ Do some life maintenance. With taking energetic inventory comes energetic detoxification – and I suggest you make this process a conscious one, lest your awakened state of mind make the executive decision to simply purge it all and start fresh. Be honest with yourself about what should stay and what should go. Dip your toes into some shadow work to address trauma and repressions. Finish off with your preferred method of physical detox to really get the gunk out.

☑ Connect with yourself. Exploring your birth chart, going on meditative journeys, and practicing divination with your various aspects are just a few great ways to get in touch with yourself on a deep, spiritual level. It is also good practice to keep a journal on hand during these times to keep an eye on your spiritual progress and reference back as needed.

☑ Connect with the land. It is never a bad time to start learning about the grass beneath your feet. There is so much life and energy to explore in your own backyard, and not to mention, being knowledgeable about life among the land is an important skill to have in the event we ever have to deal with some sort of supply or convenience crisis.

☑ Check your priorities. Unfortunately, there is a risk – in any sort of advanced spiritual endeavor – of losing balance. It’s important to keep in mind that while we are indeed spiritual beings, we are also in possession of a physical body and a life we have built with it. This incarnation does serve a purpose. Maintain equilibrium with a regular practice of grounding, centering, and keeping tabs on your responsibilities, and don’t let yourself get too distracted.

☑ Become a student of life. Finally – explore, question, and research everything. Use your discernment, and use your intuition. Don’t let any of the so-called “people in charge” convince you that you are powerless. You are powerful. Do not be passive. Engage.

Some Final Thoughts

The process of awakening spiritually can indeed be quite frightening at first, but with the right approach, there is nothing to truly fear. You are a warrior, and you have a plethora of natural-born skills and talents at your disposal just waiting to be activated the moment you are ready to utilize them. As I’ve said, it is my belief that we find things when we find them for a reason – and that includes you coming across this very article right now. You may not see it yet, but you are strong, you are brave, and you are ready. Many blessings to you.

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