Updates & Announcements, March 2024

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Hello, everyone! I have officially made the move to a new web host and have rebuilt my website from the ground up with a completely new look! At this time, I am still in the process of creating artwork, making adjustments to the overall appearance, and moving over some of the more minor details, so you may, over the course of the next couple of months, see things like placeholder images and aesthetic changes to various pages. If you would like to access our old website content at any time, you find it at the link here.

What’s To Come…

As far as content, goods, and services go, there are a lot of new things coming to The Witchy Housewife. This month, I am planning on finishing up the correspondence section of my Digital Grimoire. If all goes smoothly, I will also be hoping to get a new article out this month, adding some new services to the shop (namely, astrology readings, dream interpretation, and a few scrying services), and publishing the first of my Mythos Rewritten series which will be available to read for free on my personal website.

Looking forward past this month, I want to address some older plans of mine which have not yet come to fruition – the first of which is my free five-day courses on my Aspects of Self teachings. Upon completing much of the material, I came to the decision that it would all flow much better as one longer combined course. This is the next item on my to-do list after completing the projects mentioned above. It will, however, remain a free course and be available for download right here on this website with an optional print version available for purchase should you prefer it.

I would like to also note that my upcoming book, Khthonic Wicca, is still in the works at this time, with the first draft of it complete and the illustrations currently in-progress. Those same illustrations will also be collected and made into an accompanying oracle deck, with a tarot deck to come later down the line featuring similar illustrations. I will be sharing more information on Khthonic Wicca in the meantime both through my Digital Grimoire and my blog articles, but other basic information in the Digital Grimoire will take priority for the time being.

This could be the year, perhaps, that I return to offering my personal blends for purchase. I am still trying to learn many things regarding my new website, and this includes a potential e-commerce system which will allow me to finally move away from Etsy which has become overrun with AI-generated artwork, AliExpress dropshippers, and ridiculous fees that make it nearly impossible to get your creative ventures seen and turn much more than a dollar profit per sale. As it becomes more of a proper business than a hobby, this will also incur a lot of its own fees and paperwork, but I think it will ultimately be much better for me in the long run. In the meantime, if you would like to help support the process, you can sign up for my Monthly Blessings Patreon – where I do monthly energy forecast readings, monthly pick-a-card readings, and many intuitive studies and ramblings – you can purchase one of my many in-depth intuitive reading services currently available on the shop, you can pick up a copy of my new magick and manifest-focused annual planner (or purchase any print your own from my entire Luxe Gothique Planner Collection), you can buy prints or decor featuring my Analog Magick artwork series on my RedBubble, you can drop a donation of any size on my Ko-Fi, or you can check out all of the other work I do at any of the links featured here.

Finally, I should also note that I will, in some capacity, be returning to social media, and perhaps with this, I will also be creating videos for YouTube, but that process will likely be a slow and steady one. In total, I plan to have something of a presence, for the moment, on Tumblr, Facebook, X/Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, with Tumblr being the place I will most likely be most active. If you would like to follow my return-to-social-media journey, please check out my personal website and consider subscribing to my blog there to receive my updates by email. Upon my return, I will do my best to keep up with any messages I may receive there, as I know everyone has different preferences for where they like to spend their online time. Granted, I am looking for and hoping for better alternatives to these platforms, given the direction they’ve taken.

In the Meantime…

If you all notice any bugs on broken links or issues accessing this website, do please let me know via my contact form. Do note that I still working on mobile optimization at this time and that the website will look its best on tablet or desktop computer – and again, please ignore any placeholder imagery, as this is simply there to help me visually sort out the layout while also acting as a reminder to myself of what I want where while I am working on the artwork. Again, this move had to be done much more quickly than I was planning given the sudden price change of my former web host. Hopefully, I will be able to smooth and flesh everything out in a timely manner, but I am only one person running this space.

Likewise, as I had manually moved over hundreds of contacts of those who had subscribed to receive article updates from my former host, I may have made errors in the process. If there is an error you notice in your emails – be it that I mis-entered your name, mis-entered the email of someone who hadn’t subscribed to my articles, or whatever mistake you may notice in your email updates – please let me know, and I will correct it.

As with every year prior, I am excited for this one. My own planner has been a tremendous help to me already this year in organizing my plans, thoughts, and personal life, and I cannot recommend it enough to those like myself with very busy minds and schedules. I think that, as much as I am not a fan, a return to social media is important for getting eyes on the work that I do, and hopefully, this will give me the means to restore my work to the visibility it had prior to covid before so many things changed and became more difficult. I am excited for what that could bring.

I hope that you all are having a very wonderful year, and you will be hearing from me with a new article very soon. Love and blessings.

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