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  • The Newbie Witch’s Guide to Witchcraft

    The Newbie Witch’s Guide to Witchcraft

    There is a tremendous amount of information out there regarding witchcraft and the many paths that intersect with it – and certainly more than was available when I began my studies. Even back then, in the days of fumbling over forums and scrounging through static web pages, I found myself a bit overwhelmed as a […]

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  • The Basics of Spiritual Safety & Wellbeing

    The Basics of Spiritual Safety & Wellbeing

    When asked the most important place to begin as a newcomer to the craft, to energy work, or even to simply walking a more spiritual path, more experienced practitioners will often share the basics of their magickal tool cabinet, suggest a bouquet of book titles and YouTube channels, or state plainly that the only correct […]

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  • 5 Witchy Ways To Make Your Home More Magickal

    5 Witchy Ways To Make Your Home More Magickal

    Most practicing witches, whether just starting out or involved for decades, have carved out a sacred space for themselves. It is rare, however, that I see that same level of attention given to the rest of the home. In doing so, we risk the stagnation of energies in just about every other room of the […]

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  • Aquacadabra!: Manifesting With Water

    Aquacadabra!: Manifesting With Water

    How many glasses of water do you typically drink a day? Four? Eight? Even more than that? What if I told you that spending just a few extra moments a day on water preparation could change your life for the better? In today’s article, we’ll be discussing just that. Water and the Power of Intention […]

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