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Single À La Carte Tarot Reading

Are you looking to have a few specific questions answered that aren’t covered by my other services here? Are you looking to gain additional clarity on a reading you purchased from me beyond the complementary card pull you’ve already received? My Single À La Carte Tarot Card Reading can help! The Single À La Carte…


Are you looking to have a few specific questions answered that aren’t covered by my other services here? Are you looking to gain additional clarity on a reading you purchased from me beyond the complementary card pull you’ve already received? My Single À La Carte Tarot Card Reading can help!

The Single À La Carte Tarot Reading is my à la carte tarot reading service to answer any questions you may have on a per-card basis to your desired quantity of cards. This service is perfect for more specific questions than can be answered by my other tarot reading services, for questions that you’d like answered in a more quick and concise manner than required by my other tarot reading services, and for follow-up questions regarding a reading you’ve already received. Please note that, due to the nature of this reading, this service does not include an additional card pull and pendulum response as with my lengthier tarot reading services.

How It Works: Upon purchase, you will receive a downloadable PDF which contains a link to a form. For this reading, I require the first and last name that you are most known by, the best email to respond to, the question(s) you would like me to answer, and any additional information you wish for me to have. A photograph of you is also appreciated to assist me in channeling a deeper connection during the session, but it is not required. For quickest turnaround time, please fill out and submit the form as soon as possible. You only need to fill out the form once regardless of the number of Single À La Carte Tarot Readings you order so long as you include the same number of questions as the quantity of cards you have ordered. If I do not receive a form from you within 24 hours after your purchase, I will contact you via the email you have provided for this purchase.

After I have received your form, I will hold the session for your reading during my next available office hours (noted at the bottom of this description for your convenience). Once I have completed your reading, I will type up your report and email it to you at the email address provided in a PDF format. Turnaround time for this service will generally run about 1-3 business days, but they are handled on first come, first serve basis, so please be mindful that my schedule does fill up from time-to-time, which may delay this turnaround time. All communications for this service will be conducted via email during my available office hours thereafter, which allows me to communicate with you quickly, thoroughly, and thoughtfully.

Please note that, for all intuitive services, I cast a circle, burn incense inspired by the vapors at Delphi, and invite my guides, my personal Sacred Triad (Hekate, Persephone, and Haides), Zeus, Hestia, Apollon, Athene, Hermes, and the Moirai to protect and assist me. This is important to me, as I enter a vulnerable meditative state just prior to the session. I also invite your guide(s) into the circle – though they may decline, if they wish – to help ensure that the information I provide you is as beneficial and accurate as possible. Please be sure that you are comfortable with this arrangement prior to purchase, as I am not able to accommodate changes to my process. As I begin my work as soon as possible, there are no refunds once I have received your form for this reading.

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 10am – 6pm CST
📆 Out-of-Office Holidays: All US Federal Holidays and Wiccan sabbats

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💞 About Divination: From my experience with divination, I have come to believe that our paths are malleable. We weave the way through our respective timelines, and divination allows us a windowed glimpse of the path we are currently taking. Therefore, I do not believe that the results of divination, when applied to our physical lives, are set in stone. You are in control of your own life, and divination can be a wonderful tool to help you determine the path you are on and if it is in your best interest to continue following it or to pursue another path entirely. Those who claim that they know everything about everything and that they are the only ones who can perform a particular service for you are likely lying to you. Even if you do not choose to work with me, it is important to me that you are aware of the unfortunately very real presence of charlatans within the metaphysical community. I’ve written an article on the topic of red flags to be aware of when searching for a spiritual service that you may read here.

❌ Please note I will not answer any questions regarding legal matters, medical matters (including pregnancy/conception), lottery/gambling predictions, or death. I am also not willing to advise you on any matters that go against my moral code, which is up to my discretion. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase my services. I retain the right to turn down any service I am uncomfortable providing.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and I am not seeking to misguide or mislead anyone with my services. The actions you take as a result of the information provided through my readings are up to your own personal discernment. If you are going through something serious, please consult a close friend, family member, and/or medical professional for assistance. I am not responsible for what you do with any of the information or advice you are given from this reading. My job is solely to relay the meanings of the cards and other tools I may incorporate into my readings as I have interpreted them. You agree to all of these terms automatically upon purchase.


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